Monday, January 08, 2007

News: Website updated

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone has had a nice start to 07. Over the holidays I got to see Red vs Blue (very funny and sarcastic). I shared christmas with my family and new years at Julie and Jespers house in Washington (state). It was a great party! I met alot of nice people.

I updated my website. I added the full version of the witch at the left, hynea men, and a playful necromancer under characters. In color illustrations I added a few elves and 2 fantasy enviroments. Im really happy with the nest with the macaws picture.

I also have changed the name of my websites to include my middle initial (which is L). I have found that trying to google my name comes up with alot of other Jennifer artists. Since I'm not on Elfwood, Epilogue, making jewelry, or running a marathon I decided on the change.
-J.L. Meyer


carisa said...

Hi Jennifer!!

Your work only gets better and better! The photoshop coloring work is coming along beautifully.

Good idea on including your initial....I was a bit thrown off one day when after searching for your website address I found out you were engaged to Toby McGuire ;-)

-J.Meyer said...

Thanks! Im going to do some portraits for fun in photoshop (I figure its always good work on those flesh tones!)

I found out about the engagement in my email when someone wrote to congratulate me. So suprised, I had no idea! =)