Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Art: Dragonlance

This is Feal-Thas directing wolves, created for Dragonlance:Dragons of Winter. I had fun working on this picture. I love drawing Feal-Thas and its always great to draw wolves. It was done in pencil and the orginal is 13 in wide by 8 1/2 in tall.


Raluca C said...

today I had time enough to enjoy visiting your site,impressive work,porfesional hand.I particulary like this illo as beeing a big fan of wolfs,snow and north-like atmosphere.How much time it takes to complete an illo like this?Congratulation ,once again!

-J.Meyer said...

Thanks, this is one of my favorite pieces.

I loved being able to draw soo many wolves, those particular types of trees and Feal-Thas.
I dont remember how long it took now.
I do remember I enjoyed spending time on it, and loved working on the more fine/light shading. I had been interested in doing snow in pencil.