Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Bella Sara Native Lights Promos

Native Lights Promos!

Here are 2 more cards I did for Bella Sara Native Lights. This is my first black unicorn and water type horse for Bella Sara (very excited)! My title for the unicorn piece is Speaking with Nanook and the title I gave to the seal piece is Adopted. The seal horse is designed after an adult harp seal.

Update: I found them, they are promo cards that are available in the June/July Discovery Girls Magazine. 1 of 3 cards will be in the magazine. I've seen the magazine at Borders and at Barnes and Nobles. The BN close to me had the black unicorn card. I haven't found a store with the seal yet.

Jennifer L. Meyer-


Raluca C said...

just great!!I´m in love with your horses.what is this``Native lights''?is a illos book or?Thanks for your nice comment,is such a pleasure to discover your page!

-J.Meyer said...

Thanks for such nice words. =)

Native Lights is a set in the Bella Sara cards series. Their website is www.bellasara.com Im still keeping an ear to the ground to find out where these 2 promotion cards will come out at.

Raluca C said...

aah,thanks!Even if I liked very much Mare´ of the lake,still this 2ones are my favs of the set.The black unicorn under the polar bear shaped like a nordic light have a very mysterious and magical apearence ,as about the most incredible and original one,the''seal horse''(you invented a new term:)?or my poor english is lost at this level:))?)with this one you have re-write the sea´s mithology:))!Congrats,I just feel the need to say again,I´m very impressed!

Raluca C said...

...I see now,Bella Sara start as a danish product,I live now in Denmark and shame on me,I had no idea about!Best of wishes from DK!

CelticMare said...

wow I thought my favorite bella sara artist was going to be Fire tholander but now I have TWO favorite bella sara artists!!!!! keep up the good work!

-J.Meyer said...

Thanks Raluca C,
The polar bear one is my favorite out of the Native lights set. I was thrilled to paint the northern lights. I did some reasearch on Nanook for the piece, thats why the unicorn and the bear are standing.

Thanks Celtic Mare (nice name =)
I appreciate the kind words of encouragement.
I like Fie's Halloween piece (much love for ghost horses!)


CelticMare said...

Oh thanks! it took a wile to make the name me and my sister love ireland! so it had to be something like that!. I like fie tholander 's halloween to!!!!!! even though he isn't my favorite. I like fie's Thailia !!!! shes pretty !!!!! but anyway I love your Adopted piece she is Beautiful!!!! i think it's cool that she's the color of a seal! I hope to be an artist for Bella sara some day but I know my art is not as good as all the other cards! but it's fun imagining !

SIGNED CelticMare

-J.Meyer said...

Thanks Celtic Mare!
It was fun to work on, especially putting in the little puffins in the background.
I haven't managed to find the Adopted card yet.

Keep working on your art! One of my guest lectures told me once 'that everyone has 10,000 bad sketches in you. You just have to get them out'

CelticMare said...

awwww your welcome Jennifer,, (sorry if i just spelled your name wrong I'm not a good speller) I just glad you had fun drawing it, it really is beautiful, I bet it's fun getting a bella sara card pack and finding one of your own drawings in it!!!!

thank you so much for your encouragement, I know I'm not THAT bad at drawing. and ever sense I last posted I've been getting better, I hope to send some of my art to bella sara.com. I'm also planing on making a site, so I don't know, I am a bit young to, so yeah. but still I love drawing, and your art has inspired me lots

(by the way, sorry for not posting very soon after you did, I got distracted!)


Anonymous said...

hi! i LOVE your drawings in bella sara cards! i especially like lien, the water horse you made in the magical friends series. i cant wait to get more cards to see you wonderful horses!

Anonymous said...

Hey, you did a wondeful job! What is the black one called?

J.L.Meyer said...

Thank you, The card name for the black unicorn is Inupiat. P3/11 on the card. I havent found the seal yet (still looking!)