Friday, April 25, 2008

Bella Sara Preview!

This is rare, one of my cards was chosen as a preview card for the upcoming Bella Sara set.

This card was fun to work on. I designed the little lotus hedgehog critter, and I always like elemental type creatures. I enjoyed working with the asian motifs (I don't get the chance to draw such images often).

My nickname for the horse is Mare of the Lake ;)



Anthony VanArsdale said...

Hey this is awesome Jennifer! and I saw the image on the sites homepage... the lotus hedgehog is too cute! is this a watercolor?

-J.Meyer said...

Thanks =)

I drew it by hand then painted it in Photoshop. That one was done in 7 recently I upgraded to CS3.
(the witch picture was done in CS3)

Lately I've been thinking about leaving more of my line work in images.

Anthony VanArsdale said...

that's amazing! I never would have guessed... you could try leaving more line work in the illustration but it looks great to me like it is!

Patrick Enrico said...

Hi i'm french and i'm the father of a young bellasara cards addict !!!

I just want to say how much i love your work ...

I love your style ... Bravo !!!

-J.Meyer said...


Thanks so much for the lovely words, I'm happy you enjoy them. Its been great working on Bella Sara!

Say hi to your daughter for me. :)


Raluca C said...

the hedgehog lotus is such a sweet idea and Mare´herself,like a living aquarium is incredible made!Congratulations!

CelticMare said...

Oh my god!!! I had no idea you made this one!!!! I want her SOOOOO bad!!!!!

-J.Meyer said...

Thanks. =)

I did 8 total for the magical friends set. The three I didn't post are Sleetmane (72) Brown horse in snow with dogs, Rosebriar (27) unicorn with rose dragons, Donnecha (10) brown horse with white tail and 3 tailed fox on head.

So far Ive managed to find all but the witch horse.. I think her card name is Mireldis. Good Luck in finding Lien! (try having a lucky friend pick card packs for you, that's how I found one card of her)