Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Life Drawings: Squirrels!

Quick sketches of twitchy subjects.

I have been at my drawing table a lot over the past couple of days. Nearly every time I looked out the window I saw squirrels (and occasionally a cute chipmunk) run over the wooden fence to the squirrel feeder. They stood on the fence posts and were rather cute when they peeked over the fence.

Now several of my reference papers along with the picture I was working on have squirrel sketches along the edges! =)


Anthony VanArsdale said...

Hey Jennifer! These are great! can you believe I've never really seen a chipmunk! we don't have them this far south in lower Alabama... I've only caught occasional glimpses when I traveled north

and these squirrels you sketched would drive my Jack Russell crazy :)

Raluca C said...

aaaah,so nice feel to have this little visitors around!!Awesome squirrels sketches!!I would say very ''alive''!

Tom Barrett said...

Nice little sketches. We have lived in our neighborhood for almost 9 years, and squirrels have just recently begun to repopulate the area. I guess when they cleared our property, some of the wildlife must have suffered, unfortunately. Nice to see'em scurrying around!

c.g.young said...

wonderful art as always,
your squirrels are dead on, as I have one named (cookie) who invades my back lawn daily...So I recognize a few of these poses.

in fact today she is outside playing in the dirt, that squirel sure is acting squirley!