Monday, November 24, 2008

Business cards arrived!

The business cards arrived!

As thanks for the great feedback, I would be happy to send some of the bunny bottle cards to the first 5 people to comment with interest in them.

It was a fun experience.
I ordered them from the quick and nice
They were kind to write me when they thought I forgot the back image and quick on the printing. Then it arrived in these fun playing card like containers.
The rounded corners, back image, and shipping were free. It was a nice experience, I would use them again.
Now... should I print the witch cards...


Tina said...

that is pretty awesome - I have been looking for something in that line - your blog is so fresh and really quite joyous - my best to you and yours

Parrish70 said...

Those are great! I love your artwork and would love a business card. =)


Fotf said...

They look great and sounds like your experience with the printers was positive too. I would love a card but really don't expect you to post one all the way to England lol!

Raluca C said...

Wow!!They are looking just great!!!Really eye-catcheing!I´m glad to read you´ll also print the other one...and I´m happy one more time thinking that,maybe I can have the chance to see them for real,if you would like to send to me also:)!I hope this bussines cards will bring you many many comisions!!!

-J.Meyer said...

Tina, Parrish 70, Fotf, and Raluca C! =)
If you will send your address to my email I will drop the cards in the mail to you. I have family and clients in England, I dont mind mailing overseas.
tabykat (@)

Kelly Light said...

Am I 5? - Can I get a card too? -They look awesome!

-J.Meyer said...

Of course you can! =)
Just email your address and I will drop it in the mail.

I think you might be 4th (Im not positive)

Danielle McDonald said...

ooooh I LOOOOOVE your business cards! They are stunning! Congratuations on your book news too! Will have to keep an eye out.

Vickie said...

Oh sigh! Looks like I missed out. They are so fun though and look great! Witch cards would be fun. Maybe you could do your own deck of cards :D

lavandula said...

What a wonderful bussines cards!
I like very much style of your illustration!
Thank you very much for your visit!
I really appreciatwe your comments!
Your imaginary illustrated world is just breathtaking