Monday, December 15, 2008

Ice Storm Dec 08

Beautiful and deadly, isn't Ice interesting An ice storm rolled on threw on thursday evening. I love to take pictures (I adore taking shots of nature =) and haven't had a good chance to photograph ice.

I was amazed by the frozen grass! I just had to share.


Fotf said...

Hi Jennifer, don't know what happened to my comments on this peice as i know i left some but can't remember what except that these pictures are quite something.Hope things are thawing out nicely now and thanks for your cards :-)

-J.Meyer said...

Thanks, I am sorry to hear the comment went away. I have had blogger eat my comments on other sites as well. I turned off the word varification, I hope that helps.

The ice was really beautiful when the sun came out, and everything has thawed out nicely. We got power back on monday (horray!).


Emily said...

too weird...looks like astroturf! nice shot!

Anonymous said...

I was actually without power for a week during the storm. Big fan of you, Jennifer! ;D