Monday, April 13, 2009

Preview! Garden Witch's: Oak & Wild Crab

I LOVE drawing squirrels, chipmunks, and and acorns. I was thrilled that the Oak was in the book, and couldn't pass up putting a chipmunk with the acorn. =) I really cant wait to see this book!


KingUnicorn said...

There's no doubt that you enjoy what you do. I've not seen one work you've shared that's felt forced or struggled out of the imagination.

You always render your little critters with a measure of enchantment. I wouldn't be surprised if these two creatures were actually comparing the finer points of nut gathering like two old friends.

lucky kachina dancer said...


I'd like to pick up this book for the drawings alone.

Lisa Hunt said...

Great chipmunk. Love the little Oak drawing on the right. I too will be buying this book. Keep up the great work!