Tuesday, April 13, 2010

How I work: Last Unicorn

This is several of the steps I took when working on the Last Unicorn Image:

I started out with several thumbnails, which I worked up into roughs to present (sometimes my thumbnails are hard to read). Here is the Rough that was selected.
From there I went to the drawing stage (got approval) and went into inks.
For this image I had a few thoughts on where to go with colors, so I did several color studies before starting the final.
Here is a work in progress of the final image:And the final image:I painted it in Photoshop. I used several different types of brushes for a more textured feel and painted the line work to push some of it back in space and help facilitate the glow feeling.

This piece is available for a print at the POD Gallery.
And will be a pin up in the Last Unicorn comic from IDW (as of yet, I do not know which issue it will be in).