Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Happy Birthday

"Happy Birthday"

Inspired by mystery book covers and their wonderful fun use of food, cute animals, and clever skulls.
 As a fan of cute animals, deserts, and skull... this was fun to work on.  Go cake pops!
J. (PS: I received a book on cake pops for Christmas~! ;)


roberto said...

Hi J. this looks great!
I would say excellent!!!!!!!! (or even more)
I see pink ribbons form a face (maybe hair), whose eyes are the two pearls, right? or just seems to me?

Jennifer L. Meyer said...

Your correct, I was working in another skull on the table.

I love how the mystery books just worked in skulls in the cutest of places.

roberto said...

You draw and color subtle and wonderfully!!!
my congratulations and admiration
Do you know the painting by Holbein, with the skull?

theartofpuro said...

So magical:)I'm always without words when I see what you can do with your imagination:)

Anonymous said...

OH MY GOSH. Adorable.

Love the composition and the colors.


Sherry (twitter.com/spiffy)

Sparklegirl said...

I love this print so much! The kitty with the pink bow is so precious.

Betsy said...

I think that it's so precious. I can't put into words about how much I love this.