Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Aesop's Ark ch 2


I am happy to present Aesop's Ark Chapter 2.
I am currently working on ch 3 and you can catch mention of my progress on twitter.

The whole chapter is online at comixology  ~ Here.
Big hugs for all the support! You guys are fantastic. =)


roberto said...

Hi Jennifer, I can only say:
(I could keep saying Great about 100 times more, but I guess three times is enough to show my admiration) :)))))

Bicyclefish said...

I really like the dynamic nature of your panels, the layout and shapes of them.

P.S. You're no longer posting on G+, correct? I don't suppose there's a way to auto mirror your blogspot posts to G+? If not or you'd rather not, I can just add your feed to my RSS reader.

Jennifer L. Meyer said...

Thanks for the lovely comments.

Yes you are correct, I will not be posting on G+ any more. I considered an auto mirror but I was never nuts about those kind of threads... so I didn't want to do that to you guys. =)

M. DeLeRee said...

BEAUTIFUL pencils, as always, Jennifer.
Thank you for posting.