Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Mucha Exhibit

I'm back from the beautiful Mucha Exhibit at the National Czech & Slovak Museum.
It was a wonderful experience I would recommend. I was impressed by the sheer size of many of the pieces, such grand theater posters! It was beautiful to see his pencil work and paintings in person, including the Madonna of the Lilies.  
Sadly photos were not allowed. So I made several quick sketches of a few 3D items on display.  
I was amazed by several of his personal possessions, which are normally not available for viewing by the public.

Mucha's Personal Pencil with matching case, Early 1900
Mucha spelled in Emeralds

Mucha's personal Silver Ink stand, Early 1900's
Overall piece was large, the handle in the middle would comfortably fit a man's hand.
Pine cone designs in the corners and 4 between the lids.

One of the Biscuit tins Mucha did designs for from the 1899 in good shape.
2 women are in the mid-section.

Quick Sketches on the way home~!