Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Pathfinder Goblins! out today

Is out today~!

I did this cover and the illuminated manuscript style pages.
It was such fun to work on, the goblins such a sense of humor.


theartofpuro said...


Stutzbach said...

I love love LOVED your interior work on this book! Not to mention the cover. Your illustrations where such a joy and a laugh to experience. You nailed the sensibilities perfectly. You should talk to pathfinder about an actual goblin story book aimed at kids! When I saw the cover of the book, I was super stoked and then to my surprise to find more! Wow... kudos seriously. Not that my radar matters much in the grand scheme of things but you're on it now!

Thanks again for the laughs!

Jennifer L. Meyer said...

Thank you~! =)

Wow, Stutzbach~!
Thanks for such a sweet comment.
I like your thought on the kids book, perhaps we should ask Piazo for one!

I started illustrating in the RPG industry so it was really nice to combine that with the kiddy and comic work in one awesome and fun package.