Monday, July 13, 2015

SDCC 2015

Back from SDCC~!
The end walks around the Weta booth (part of below).
 Lego had some great displays on the floor...
and off the floor (at the petco stadium)  

Ran into the Walking Dead! (they had a cage for photo ops)
Occasionally the upclose zombies would leap and scare the crowd!
Even had a wonderful sketch group meet up with the awesome
  Chloe Neill and Brian Shearer. I recommend morning sketch meetups!
I drew the Hello Kitty truck and like all live models, it moved too. HA!
sketched with a bic pen.

And in a surprise! I saw The Visit, introduced by M. Night Shyamalan and the producer
 there in person (I was so surprised)!
They were a delight, told such wonderful stories before they shared the movie with us.
Which I LIKED by the way! Had great energy and really sucked me in.
I think it helped not knowing a lot before seeing it.

There was a VERY informative panel, the Kids Comic Summit on Sat at the Library.
(If there is a video online (I know not of one currently) I would recommend watching it).
Met SOOOoo many awesome people, hung out with my sister, and ate at the Richard Walker's Pancake house (they have a bunny logo and AWESOME breakfast food!).

 It was tiring (I walked most of the time) and really great.