Sunday, October 05, 2008

How I work: With color

Here are some of the in progress work on Saroena (Flight School). As I work I save several WIPs (Works in Progress) so I can look back at what I have done (and show the AD ;)
For on occasion I liked what was going on previously in the pict but worked over it; and the WIP reminds me what excited me at the start so I can make sure that makes it to the finished piece.

For this project the art brief asked for a blue pegasus with a cloud motif who was helping her young charges to fly and had 2 encouraging helpers (it was of course more specific then that ;).
I did several sketches to work out the composition, and then the finished drawing that I scanned in Photoshop. Because this is for Bella Sara I work on multiple layers (most things have thier own layer). The drawing layer is on top with the layer set to multiply.

Since the pegasus was to be blue, I decided on a blue sky. I started by laying out the colors (#1), then decided that the yellow-ish background wasn't working and removed it (#2). As I went along I worked in more blues, purples and greens into the white areas. After these I spent time on the foal then just tightening edges up.