Sunday, October 05, 2008

How I work: With color

Here are some of the in progress work on Saroena (Flight School). As I work I save several WIPs (Works in Progress) so I can look back at what I have done (and show the AD ;)
For on occasion I liked what was going on previously in the pict but worked over it; and the WIP reminds me what excited me at the start so I can make sure that makes it to the finished piece.

For this project the art brief asked for a blue pegasus with a cloud motif who was helping her young charges to fly and had 2 encouraging helpers (it was of course more specific then that ;).
I did several sketches to work out the composition, and then the finished drawing that I scanned in Photoshop. Because this is for Bella Sara I work on multiple layers (most things have thier own layer). The drawing layer is on top with the layer set to multiply.

Since the pegasus was to be blue, I decided on a blue sky. I started by laying out the colors (#1), then decided that the yellow-ish background wasn't working and removed it (#2). As I went along I worked in more blues, purples and greens into the white areas. After these I spent time on the foal then just tightening edges up.



Kelly Light said...

Wow- that was crazy educational- it's great to see how you work!

Anthony VanArsdale said...

I agree with Kelly! Great post!!! Wonderful painting!

-J.Meyer said...

Thanks Kelly and Anthony! =)

Let me know if there is any other way I work you would like to see/have questions on (I dont have a way to do a video yet- Those how you work videos Ive seen other artists do are great).

Gaia said...

Jennifer this is fab!!
One thing that really impressed me is how you bring the whole image on, very steadly (not sure how to explain this...ouch!) On complex images like this, I often tend to leave the background too behind, fearing I will add too much details and I alway have to catch up in the end. You did a fantastic work!!!
Hope you'll figure how to do the videos too! :D

Bruce said...

Pretty wonderful.

Bee said...

Great to see and hear a bit about your work in progress here, the end results are just amazing. Love the lavish fur / hair / feathers on your enchanting creatures :)