Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Jewel & Sleetmane :Bella Sara Royalty.

Hi again, Here are the last 2 I created for Royalty, Jewel and Sleetmane.
I really enjoyed painting the beach background for Jewel and I always like painting Sleetmane. I came up with sleetmane's look for the Magical Friends set. About Jewel, I based the large gem on the right off one I bought when visiting the USS Constitution.


Kelly Light said...

Awesome- have to send you some pics of our horse filled weekend!

J.L.Meyer said...

Thanks! =)
I look forward to seeing the pictures.

Gaia said...

Outstanding!! Always love to stop by and admire your work!!!

Lisa Hunt said...

Love the blue throne! It almost looks like the horse is standing on an open book. The symbolism is strong for me as observer.

Oaky said...

I always love your artwork. I am a Bella Sara fan/collector myself, and I think you do the best Jewel. =) you are actually my favorite Bella Sara artist!

J.L.Meyer said...

Thank you for all the wonderful words on my work. =)

Thanks Oaky, I like working on jewel. I love adding in all her floating gems.