Friday, May 22, 2009

Kitsune Spirit

Here is the Kitsune Spirit I have been working on. I worked 2 fox designs on to her arm and smoke designs in other places.


Heine said...

That looks amazing! Reminds me of the good old Dragonlance days. :)

lucky kachina dancer said...

Beautiful. I have a special fondness for kitsune lore.

John said...

lovely work Jennifer, beautifully rendered detail, atmospheric and powerful.

Lisa Hunt said...

I love fox spirit paintings--or any allusion to their presence. Your rendition is different and intriguing with its shapeshifting qualities and sense of the mysterious. Her flowing hair almost looks like fox tails. Nice work!

J.L.Meyer said...

Thank you for all the wonderful comments.
I enjoyed working on her. I approached the piece with the idea of slight high fantasy take on the subject (I love to draw elves). I really love the Kitsune lore and have a few other ideas (one is more traditional =)

-go acorn!

Ellie said...

this is such a beautifull Kitsune....ive been viewing your work and see that you can draw with excelent writing a book about kitsunes, fantasy that sort of thing and this fits one of my charecters so perfectly as she is dark and bad, my other one is an angelic Kitsune with a pure heart, but havent been able to find a drawing, maybee ill get my manager to contact you some how to see if we can give you ideas and help with drawing...xx ellie

J.L.Meyer said...

Thanks for the nice comment Ellie.
I am a huge fan of the Kitsune myths. You can find my contact info on my portfolio site

Best Wishes.